3 Valuable Loans that You Should Recommend to Your Friends

Every now and then, one of your friends will sink in a financial quagmire. While you can offer unlimited emotional and moral support, your friend will need solutions. He or she may ask for your money. If you have extra budget, you can just lend money to your friend. If none, then you should recommend some basic loans.#FRIENDS Cast photos, the Ones You Ain't Never Seen! @brit @britandco

But what types of loans should you recommend to your friends? These ideas are good starters:

Salary Loans

Salary loans are practical for your employed friends. These loans are known for their low interest and variable amounts offered. Most salary loans are released by banks, yet small lending companies are also great sources. Your friends will love salary loans because they will have options for their purchases. Salary loan lenders can also offer various perks and privileges.

Personal Loans

OCBC personal loan is like a salary loan, except their reach is broader. If you don’t have a job, you can still apply for a personal loan as long as you can convince the lender of your repayment capability. When it comes to personal loans, online cash loan lenders are the superstars. They can reach borrowers at a rapid manner, outpacing even some prominent banks. Since the competition in the personal lending industry is high, you and your friends can enjoy manageable interest rates and repayment terms.

24-Hour Cash Loans

24-hour cash loans are sometimes referred to as guaranteed loans. Even though most of these loans can be ready within 24 hours, some borrowers managed to get their loans in lesser hours. The main advantage of 24-hour cash loans is the easy application process. This is an unsecured loan, so you don’t have to worry about collaterals. If your credit rating is low, you also don’t need to worry. Most guaranteed loan lenders don’t care about your credit rate. What they care about is your employment and capability to repay. Before applying for this loan, you have to be careful. Make sure that the lender has a good reputation or can offer acceptable interest rates. Typical repayment period for guaranteed loans is bi-monthly, so you have to prepare your finances.

Once you managed to recommend the right loans to your friends, you’ll be viewed as a savior. This can raise your status within your group, and your friends will even count on you more. So, keep researching about loans – someone may need the information sooner or later!